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Well, we seem to be on a roll! Welcome to another episode of A Buddhist Podcast. We are delighted to present Chapter 2 from William Woollards new book, Buddhism and the Science of Happiness. Reading, recording and editing this chapter really gave me pause to think! 

Thanks to the wonderful podsafe music network at mevio.com we were able to bring you three fantastic tracks tonight. The first is from Yael Naim who sings New Soul. The second and third are from a great and talented duo called the Dala Girls from Toronto, Canada. We play two tracks from the Dala Girls, Levi Blues and Hockey Sweater.

We have an experience from John Renner in the US and we read the World Tribunes obituary for David Kasahara who recently passed away. Our shoutouts criss cross the world and also Jason answers a question as to what the quotes are on the family alter.

As usual look to the right hand side of our website for the shoutout link if you want to make use of it. Alternatively you can send us a note on the Android or Iphone app! Thank you so much for your continued support. Please take great care and have a fabulous week. Sometimes its hard, but chant and determine to win, there is always a way through.

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