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Welcome to tonights show!
Tonights lecture is called, The Vow and it is given by our guest lecturer Eileen Beckmann! The women of the SGI are so incredible! I really hope this is the start of many lectures! We are so grateful to Eileen, thank you so much.
Music tonights is from Geoff Smith and Matthew Ebel. Geoff sings Some Christmas Hugging which you can find at either thegeoffsmith.com or music.podshow.com. Matthew Ebel sings a song that definitely rips at your heart, Tennessee Never Cried and you can find Matthews music at music.podshow.com.
Recent developments and improvements at Podshow mean that you can now support these artists by buying the tracks if you like the music!
We've got shout outs from all over and a great experience from Andre de Wit from the Netherlands.
The cover art for tonights show is a photograph taken of Karen and I at PodcastconUK by  our great friend CC Chapman, the grand meister flash of Managing the Gray, Accident Hash and U-Turn Cafe.

Have a great week!
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