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We can hardly believe that it is almost exactly half way through 2009! Wow! Tonight we bring you a lecture on the letter written by Nichiren Daishonin called, Hell is the Land of Tranquil Light. Some of the subject teasers for tonight include: We need to reveal Buddhahood to overcome our karma Lets try and remember the names of our mothers The icy wind of thoughtless encouragement The ten worlds exist in life and death Giving 150% . . .in small bursts Are you in a prison of someone elses making? Changing circumstances won't change karma Attaining Buddhahood just as you are It is human to feel grief when someone dies Gohonzon is the baseline of Buddhahood Chant first, shout later. We have music for you from the Podsafe Music Network. First up is Carbon Leaf with A Life Less Ordinary. We close the show with Shines Right Through Me by the amazing Great Big Sea! The links we have for the tracks will take you through to where you can buy them on iTunes and the links for the names will take you through to their own website. Karen and I are busy posting off orders for our new Tshirts! If you have yours and you send us a photograph, we will consider putting it on the artwork for the show, so send them in to jason(at)thejarretts.com! Thankyou for your comments and encouragement. Thank you for all the support you give us, we really do feel and appreciate it. Please take great care and have the most amazing and wonderful week!
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