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Tonight's show is a bit of an experiment! For some time now we have had a lot of requests from listeners to provide support for the level 2 study courses that are taking place in Europe at the moment. This study will culminate in an exam in mid November for those who want to take it. William Woollard has also had many requests for support in this activity, so we have got together to produce a special edition show! The exam consists of 5 sections, A, B, C, D and E. Each section has a number of questions. In the exam you will be asked one question from each section. On this podcast, William has prepared an answer for every question. It is NOT a model answer but the kind of answer that William would make based upon the study material provided. Remember the questions require you to use the study material rather than your existing knowledge. If you are not a member of SGI in Europe at the moment but you would like to follow along, you can hop over to this site and download the study material we are looking at! Remember you need to look for the Grade 2 material. If you are doing the Grade 1 study course, you still might find value in listening to the show as both Grade 1 and Grade 2 share the same questions in Section E about the Priesthood. In between all of this study material, we have still found time for some music. On tonight's show we play a wonderful track by Black Lab called Lonely Boy and for the second time on the show Great Day by the amazing Jody Gnant. Music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network Thank you for downloading the show! We have a great show coming up in 2 weeks so keep an eye out for it! Thank you as well for all your support.
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