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Welcome to another episode of A Buddhist Podcast! On tonights show we have a lecture on the letter that Nichiren Daishonin wrote to Sennichi-ama, its called The Drum at the Gate of Thunder. Subjects include:

Hope spreads like fire

Sennichi-ama the sincere disciple

What does it mean to make an offering to the Lotus Sutra?

Open the storehouse of your life

Blossom with hope

Even Devadatta attains Buddhahood

Women with the heart of a Lion King

Igniting the field of our unhappy karma

Did they die in the state of Buddhahood?

The Drum at the Gate of Thunder

Merely seeing my mentor . . . 

Thanks to the wonderful talent of the great Phil Campbell (follow him on twitter at @philcampbell) tonights show was streamed live on Bambuser and a recording of the unedited version of tonights show can be seen on our website.

Shoutouts run out to our friends from across the globe!

We play music from the very talented Jody Gnant, who sings her track, Great Day. We also play O'amanhecer (Dawn) by Paul Kouatchou, a beautiful song sung in Portuguese!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for listening to the show tonight and for all your support. Have a truly amazing week.

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