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Welcome to another episode of A Buddhist Podcast! On tonights show we have a lecture on the letter that Nichiren Daishonin wrote to Soya Kyoshin, its called The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood. Subjects include: Who was Soya Kyoshin? Essentials are not Optional Bodhisattva Superior Practices and the Latter day of the Law Reality and wisdom Don't bend the teachings to suit your karma Misguided priests versus correct teacher Challenging wrong doing Standing firm with a teenage daughter Bridging the gap between people and Buddhism My mentor And of course we have the shoutouts and also . . . we also have three brand new songs. I think, we may be the first podcast to debut two new tracks by Howard Jones. "Soon you'll go" and "Love never wasted" are from Howard's new album, Ordinary Heroes, which is being released on November 3rd. For more information take a look at his website here. Thank you Howard for letting us play these tracks We also debut a wonderful new song from Vittoria Conn, it's called "Where would you be" which will be appearing very soon! As soon as we have a location on ITunes or elsewhere we will post the link here. If you are looking for the tshirts you can get them from our tshirt shop which is generously powered by the wonderfulPressoffers.co.uk. Thank you so much for listening tonight, have a fantastic week!