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Hello Everyone! Tonight we are very glad to bring you William Woollard reading Chapter 7 from his book, The Reluctant Buddhist. The chapter is all about Karma, and its a very interesting listen. As usual we have global shout outs as well as a beautiful poem from Kim Seagrave in Australia. We play "Love is not Wasted" from the imminent Howard Jones album, Ordinary Heroes which debuts on November 3rd this year. We also play one of our favourite bands, they are Cat Malojian from Northern Ireland, a truly great band. They sing Pettigoe! If you have wondering about our tshirts, you can get them now at http://www.pressoffers.co.uk/abuddhistpodcast2 our thanks to Polly and Helen of Pressoffers for their help with this. We hope very soon to add some new photos to the shop and the new blue colour! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Wherever you are have a wonderful week!
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